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A sweet dream


I had a dream about you last night,
oh how everything seemed so right…

Together we were having so much fun,
somewhere underneath the summer sun…

Seeing your bright smile so clear to me,
with your eyes so beautiful as can be…

Imagination running wild and free,
a magical dream so real to me…

To hold you close and feel your love,
was so tender and sweet from above…

I did not want to wake and have it end,
this dream I had of my dear man…

Is it wrong to feel this way,
about a dream that occurs every other day…

Touching my soul playing with my mind,
happiness I’m searching for and hoping to find…

A dream I love it seems so real,
that each time I wake I do feel…

The love in my heart a smile on my face,
because I’ve found true happiness some other place…

Not complaining nor will I ever deny,
the feeling that’s coming upon I…

For now it’s just a dream to me,
in a far away world I do for see…




~ Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (milaboo)

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