How Can I Write Into Words

How You Make Me Feel?

Past Wrought And Troubled Emotions

You Got Into My Heart To Heal

You Took A Lonely Frightened Girl

Into Your Loving Arms

And Brought Her To Womanhood

With Your Wondrous, Caring Charms

You Helped Me Forget

My Wretched Past

And Gave Me A Future

I Know Will Last

So, I Hope You Know

When On My Knees I Kneel

I Am Thanking God

For A Love That Is Real

Thank You For Loving Me

Happy 35 Months Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Babe. These past 35 months have been the happiest and fullest of my life. My world is a beautiful place because of you…because of this love that you have given me.Thank you for sharing with me your positive outlook on life. When I grow panicky and full of anxiety, you calm and soothe me. When I feel that things are bigger than I am, you are always there, holding my hand, showing me that together we can handle anything in our path. Thank you for the security that you offer me. Your stable, calm nature brings precious peace to my world. Few things feel better than falling asleep at night, knowing that you are always there for me. Thank you for your sense of humor. So often, I grow focused on the bumps in the road. I love that you tell me jokes that are so long that it takes you eleventh years to get to the punchline, because by the time you’re done, I can’t remember what was even plaguing me in the first place. Thank you for remaining endlessly patient with me. I am indeed a work in progress. I appreciate your ability to look at me and know that although I am imperfect, my strengths outnumber my weaknesses. Thank you for truly loving me unconditionally. The knowledge that even when I stumble and fall, you are there to pick me up, brush me off, and hold me close, is undoubtedly one of the loveliest gifts ever given to me. Thank you for supporting me and pushing me further than I think I can possibly go. Thank you for promising me forever and for being ever-willing to do the work necessary to keep our relationship strong. Thank you for investing in our relationship every single day. Whether it’s trying to calm me when I’m angry, trying to talk things over, taking care of me, calling me during the day to tell me a funny story, or sharing thoughts with me in the evening, you know exactly how to make me feel connected to you. Thank you for being you and thank you for the gift of your love. I am beyond blessed to call you my man and my very best friend. I love you. I always have loved you. And I always and forever will. You are the one. You are my only. I thank God for sending me you. The most precious gift I could ever ask for. Eu te amo. Our best is still ahead. The best is yet to come. 

I LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥



~ Yours and ONLY yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mimmy Boii)

My love for you is pure

If only you could
see inside my heart
for just a moment or two
you might be overwhelmed
by what I feel for you

Love, pure and simple love
that has no end
and longs to hold you near
for now and forever;
for as long as we’re both here

I want to hold you close
I want to hold your hand
I never want to let you go;
you’re the best I’ve ever had

I want to protect you
I want to keep you safe
I never want to see you cry
or feel an ounce of pain

I want to see you smile
I want to make you laugh
I never want you to wish
for other than what you have

I want to give you everything
I want to give you my all
I never want to give you less
than anything you want

Because it’s simple
my love for you is pure
and you are the one
I’ve waited my whole life for.

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Nanasss Hun)

You are my life

You make me happy
You fill my world with hope

You’ve changed my life
In ways you’ll never know

You have a special way
Of making me feel

More valuable than I believe I am
Your soft and gentle smile

Speaks to my heart
As if you truly understand

When something is on my mind
Or weighs heavy on my heart

You always seem to know
What I wanna say before I ever start

When I need to talk
to clarify my thoughts

You listen with ease and devotion
And I no longer feel distraught

I’m so lucky to have you in my life
Every day that you’re with me

Is another day that I’m thankful
And so incredibly happy

I love you so very much
You are more than everything to me

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your Booboo)

I need you .. Funny But True ..

I need you like

grass needs water 

Like th sun
needs to be hotter

I need you like
clouds need the rain

like the mental house
needs the insane

I need you like
a sweet tooth needs candy

Like a beach
needs to be sandy

I need you like
a heart needs a beat

likes hot rod cars
need the street

I need you like
people need church

like a map
needs you to search

I need you like
the rich need cash

Like a potato 
needs the mash

I need you like
a criminal needs jail

Like a boat
needs a sail.

I need you like
a car needs gas

Like a volume 
needs mass

I need you!!!!
Me without you is like 

A camara without flash
A car without gas

A truck without tire
A heat without fire

A badge-less cop
A bunny who cant hop

A winter with out snow
A circus with out a show

A butcher without meat
A tune without a beat

Without you Baby
I am incomplete

I love you so much
You are all I need

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Chunkey monkey)

You’re the only one for me!

Life wasn’t the same,

when you were not there.

Everyone was around,
but I used to be solitaire.

You came; along came
all the happiness that set me free

Now I know what I wanted;
what was missing in me.

I love you the way you are;
More amazing than a shining star.

I’ll be there for you;
that’s how I see

All I can say,
You are the only one for me.

You are miles away,
still I love you this way

But I feel you are with me;
in my every day

I love you with all my heart;
and all my sincerity.

Don’t know what lies ahead,
togetherness and not disparity.

I love you madly
no matter where you are

Once we are together,
we’ll never be apart

My love for you is honest,
And I want you to see

Wanna tell this,
You are the only one for me.

I love you more than anything
This I want you to see

All I want forever is
For  you to be with me

I will give you all the love;
and all what you need

I’ll confess everyday,
You are the only one for me!

I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O
I   A L W A Y S   H A V E
I   A L W A Y S   W I L L

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your Man)