Dia dos namorados

Não tem olhos solares, meu amor;
Mais rubro que seus lábios é o coral;

Se neve é branca, é escura a sua cor;
E a cabeleira ao arame é igual.

Vermelha e branca é a rosa adamascada
Mas tal rosa sua face não iguala;

E há fragrância bem mais delicada
Do que a do ar que minha amante exala.

Muito gosto de ouvi-la,
mesmo quando

Na música há melhor diapasão;
Nunca vi uma deusa deslizando,

Mas minha amada caminha no chão.
Mas juro que esse amor me é mais caro
Que qualquer outra à qual eu a comparo


Hoje é chamado o dia dos namorados, quando todos os amantes comemorar seu amor, mas eu acredito que hoje é o dia feito especialmente para nós. Como abençoado sou eu que fui presenteado com um anjo que é você. Eu não posso agradecer a Deus por me abençoar com tudo o que eu sempre sonhei e me deu você. Eu não posso pedir mais nada de Deus. Em você eu encontrei meu amor, meu conforto, meu prazer, meu desejo, meu tesouro, meu destino, meus sonhos, meu coração, meu futuro, minha casa, meu tudo e muito mais. Eu não quero passar um dia sem você, eu quero passar cada dia da minha vida como ela é o dia dos namorados. Hoje é feliz dia dos namorados, mas eu sou mais feliz de todos eles. Você tem me dê muito amor e felicidade que nada neste mundo pode comparar. Eu te amo tanto, Tanto bebê que se necessário para provar, vou cortar abrir meu peito e você verá meu coração pulsando o seu nome. Eu não posso esperar pelo dia em que eu vou estar segurando você em meus braços, e você vai ver o quanto meus olhos, meu coração tem sido anseio para você. Cada dia que eu estive sem você, Você vai sentir isso quando você estará em meus braços. E esse dia está sobre nós e, mais cedo do que podemos imaginar, estaremos em braços um do outro. Eu estou contando cada momento eu juro. da próxima vez que esse dia vier, estaremos comemorando juntos, Inshallah. Você é meu tudo Mila, e eu te amo agora e para sempre, E eu vou te amar para sempre além. Eu quero que você saiba que eu pertenço a você e somente a você, e você pertence somente a mim. E não há nada neste mundo que nunca vai me impedir de te amar. Eu nunca vou deixar você ir, eu nunca vou desistir de nós, e eu prometo, eu sempre vou te amar. Então …

Quer ser minha


E U   T E   A M O   B O O
S E M P R E   T E N H O
S E M P R E   A M A R E I

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly booger, Boofus)


The Time Is Near


I lay in my bed and think about you
I love you so much I don’t know what to do

I feel your warmth at my side
The pain in my heart moves to my eyes

So far away yet always so near
You are the reason I am still here.

I await the times when we can talk
When we can finally hold hands and walk

To feel you for real… so close to me
The happiest person in the world I’d be.

Your eyes shine like a million suns
You shine more brightly than anyone

Your smile, can’t help but make me smile
It stops my world even for a little while

I await the time when my hand is in yours
To hear you say those 3 little words.

Still no words I can say to describe
My heart it aches and my eyes they cry

But when we talk my heart flies
I’ll always wipe away the tears you cry.

Even though you aren’t here
But I want you to know the time is near

Soon you in my arms I will hold
And tell you the world I have always told

I’ll love you forever and ever
I’ll always love you my beautiful lover.

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   N E E D   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly booger, Boofus)

Destiny Set Our Course


Tonight upon the moon
Around that amber crest,

I hear a faint sound
Drumming in my chest.

Calling out to see
Just where my love might be,

Asking if you will
Love me eternally.

And there beneath the stars
I hear an answer faint,

And when I close my eyes
Your smile does then appear.

Bringing passion to my heart
As your fire warms my night,

Inside our trembles build
As the flames of love ignite.

As the stars shoot across the sky
Emblazoning a trail,

We’ll taste of passions seed
And let ecstasy set sail.

And as I hear the rhythm
Of your heart beating with mine,

I know our souls have met
And our spirits intertwine.

Never to let go
For now we two are one,

As destiny set our course
Before time had begun.

A shared path that we walk
As love reaches beyond space,

The smile in your heart
Reflects upon my face.

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   N E E D   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly booger, Boofus)



For the longest time
Have I longed to touch thy face
To kiss thy beautiful lips
And feel the warmth of thine embrace.

For the longest time
Have I longed to hold thee near
And whisper sweet caresses
From my mouth into your ears.

For the longest time
Have I longed to sing out loud
Of the passion that I’ll feel
When we dance beneath the clouds.

For the longest time
Have I longed to be with thee
To join my heart with your soul
Until you’re the greatest part of me.

For the longest time
Will you and I be together
Until our fantasies have become realities
And our spirits have become one forever.




~ Yours forever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo)


“Distance simply means separation in place but never in connections. Heart remains inseparable.”

– DhelChen


“I feel good with my husband: I like his warmth and his bigness and his being-there and his making and his jokes and stories and what he reads and how he likes fishing and walks and birds and foxes and little animals and is honest and not vain or fame-crazy and how he shows his gladness for what I cook him and joy for when I make him something, a poem or a cake, and how he is troubled when I am unhappy and wants to do anything so I can fight out my soul-battles and grow up with courage and a philosophical ease. I love his good smell and his body that fits with mine as if they were made in the same body-shop to do just that. What is only pieces, doled out here and there to this boy and that boy, that made me like pieces of them, is all jammed together in my husband. So I don’t want to look around any more: I don’t need to look around for anything.”

– Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath


“Not every person wants the prettiest, smartest, talented or spiritually uplifting person to build a life with. Sometimes we just want that special someone that makes sense, puts up with us, has patience, comes without drama, gives us focus and is willing to run with our half-baked ideas.”

– Shannon L. Alder, 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask for a More Vibrant Marriage


“If I marry: He must be so tall that when he is on his knees, as one has said he reaches all the way to heaven. His shoulders must be broad enough to bear the burden of a family. His lips must be strong enough to smile, firm enough to say no, and tender enough to kiss. Love must be so deep that it takes its stand in God and so wide that it takes the whole lost world in. He must be active enough to save souls. He must be big enough to be gentle and great enough to be thoughtful. His arms must be strong enough to carry a little child.”

– Ruth Bell


“A woman or man of value doesn’t love you because of what he or she wants you to be or do for them. He or she loves you because your combined souls understand one another, complements each other, and make sense above any other person in this world. You each share a part of their soul’s mirror and see each other’s light reflected in it clearly. You can easily speak from the heart and feel safe doing so. Both of you have been traveling a parallel road your entire life. Without each other’s presence, you feel like an old friend or family member was lost. It bothers you, not because you have given it too much meaning, but because God did. This is the type of person you don’t have to fight for because you can’t get rid of them and your heart doesn’t want them to leave anyways.”

– Shannon L. Alder


“What kind of wedding would you like?” he asked, and stole another kiss before she could reply.
“The kind that turns you into my husband.” She touched the firm line of his mouth with her fingers. “What kind would you like?”
He smiled ruefully. “A fast one.”

– Lisa Kleypas, Love in the Afternoon